Here Comes the War On Christmas

Here Comes the War On Christmas

It is the first day of November 2013 and I have already had two posts show up in my Facebook stream about the “war” on Christmas. Seems my Facebook friends are sharing articles about a) people and businesses saying “happy holidays” instead of “merry Christmas” and b) public school choral concerts being required to eliminate the heavy Christian overtones of their holiday concerts.

I’ll add a few of my favorite posts later, but let’s get this straight right now. Atheists have not declared a war on Christmas. In fact, many of us love Christmas. The only war is the manufactured war from certain media outlets who feel the need to instill misplaced outrage in their viewing, listening, and reading audience. The rest of us are moving merrily along in our holiday season – enjoying friends, family, and fellowship.

The War On Christmas



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