I don’t understand transgender people

I was born male. I have all of the requisite parts and pieces, fringe and accessories, that make me a biological male. Not one time in my whole life have I ever questioned my gender (or which gender I was sexually attracted to – another post for another day). I don’t understand how anyone could ever be “confused” about their…

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News, Politics

In the world of #metoo, I #mayhave

In my childhood and youthful days, I know that I told racist and sexist jokes, used words and slurs about black and female classmates and strangers, judged people very harshly based entirely on their skin tone, gender, and faith. In my (very few) college years, I know for sure I drank (and smoked pot and dropped acid) to excess. I…

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Dogs, Rant

No, you don’t have a service dog

I know, first hand, someone who bought an expensive mutt – sorry – “doodle” then decided to make her life easier by buying a dog vest from Amazon that said her dog is a service dog just so she can take her dog anywhere and everywhere. Let’s make this clear up front – this is a young lady with no…

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Pop Culture

I bought marijuana legally

I recently took a business trip to San Francisco. California is one of the 10 states (as of April 2018) where recreational marijuana is legal. As a child of the 80s who grew up buying weed from sketchy people in sketchy parts of town, I absolutely HAD to experience buying it legally.


The Arrogance Of Faith

On October 1, 2017 someone opened fire on the audience at a country music concert in Las Vegas killing (as of this post) 58 people and injuring over 500 more. This is the largest mass shooting in the US. The concert venue was littered with the dead and the dying. People panicked. Considering the nature of the murderer’s weapon of…

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You Keep Using That Word

I blame my high school AP English teacher for instilling in me an insistence for the use of proper grammar and vocabulary. Because of him I am one of those assholes that will correct a your/you’re/yore or there/their/they’re post. But this post isn’t really about that. It is about the misuse of some rather important words and phrases. Epic I…

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