A Long Reply To Bobby Herzberg – Part 2

A Long Reply To Bobby Herzberg – Part 2

If you are just now stumbling onto this post, please read the first one, well, first.

So after posting my long reply to Bobby, Steven shared the link on his Facebook page, and Bobby replied. Things started well, and I thought we were on our way to a rational and reasoned discussion, or, at the very least, a polite “agree to disagree” impasse. Boy was I wrong. Within a few sentences Bobby had already taken on the martyr’s mantle, bemoaning the prediction that his religious based aversion to homosexuals would soon bring him scorn and derision.

I am not personally afraid of homosexuals. But what I find disturbing is the full court press of political correctness. My time is coming when I express my belief and opinion of this matter that I can expect serious backlash from expressing these views. Not just personal but professional and civil repercussion. My way of thinking won’t be tolerated much longer. I find this becoming more evident as name calling and labels are not just coming quicker but are increasingly nastier. It will be easy for some to label me as a religious terrorist because I will not publicly show support of this new definition of the institution of marriage…But now the atmosphere has changed [and] pre puberty children need to be indoctrinated to this new sanctioned life style.

So yes, Bobby, I can see a day coming when the majority of people – Christian and non Christian – will think that your feelings about our married gay neighbors and their families will be met with the same disdain that we have for those who dislike interracial marriages, or who cluck their tongues with mock concern for the perceived problems interracial kids will face from people who oppose interracial marriage. I don’t know about labeling you a “religious terrorist”, but I wouldn’t hesitate to label you a “religious bigot”.

I did notice that you made no comment about nature itself doesn’t support this lifestyle….the way human beings are designed same sex won’t procreate.

This is a common argument among people who are using their pre-generated list of objections and haven’t Googled “homosexual animals“. While I wouldn’t call it a “lifestyle”, there is certainly a mountain of evidence supporting same sex attraction, bonding, and even sexual activity in non-human animals.

I see the procreation argument on the same list. My answer is, “So?” So sexual activity between same genders doesn’t lead to babies – and?

Many people who call themselves Christians have now changed their positions regarding this subject but their change in my mind doesn’t reinvent truth. I don’t hate homosexuals even though some will take my comments and mold them in to an augment that I have demonstrated my hate because of my refusal to comply with my words. I will take the brunt for that while knowing that not I but God defines truth.

Why do you doubt they are Christians? Is there a test for legitimate Christianity? I find this statement arrogant and insulting to the millions of Christians around the world whose theology doesn’t comport with yours, yet are still as Christian as you are. Or maybe they’re the True Christians, and your theology is in opposition to what you claim is God’s truth. The fact is, you cannot use your faith to justify your hatred – yes, hatred – of homosexuals. Face it, Bobby, and admit it, you hate gays because the thought of two men or two unattractive women pleasuring each other grosses you out. (I said “unattractive women” because girl on girl porn is a very popular genre, so I am assuming Bobby doesn’t mind watching two hot women get it on with each other. Pornhub reports that visitors to their site from Alabama have the 4th longest amount of time on the site with “lesbian” being the 5th most searched term in that state).

I’m concerned that their is a political climate that is coming that won’t tolerate people whose religion is more than something that is worn on Sunday.

While I would love to see a day when the human mind and conscience are free from supernatural thoughts and fears, I share this concern with you. I hope that no matter what your religious beliefs may be that you will always be free to form religious communities and worship as you please. And I will oppose anything that threatens that freedom.

But don’t confuse supporting your right to worship with acceptance of your beliefs. The minute you try impose your beliefs on others by the force of law, I will stand in your face.

I’m just concerned that my children and grandchildren will be bombarded with this life style in hopes of luring them into it.

That’s just stupid, and again, insulting. Over my half century on this planet I have had gay co-workers, friends, and family. There is no “luring” going on. There may be support for and acceptance of kids who are struggling with their sexual identities (gay kids have a significantly higher suicide rate than straight kids), but that is not the same a “luring”. That statement gets you a middle finger – and not in a gay way.

Research tends to make the points that the sponsor wishes to convey. Show me human beings procreating in same sex situations outside of medical intervention.

And other researchers can study those results and try to prove them false. That’s what science is all about – finding out if the other guy is wrong. As Tim Minchin said in his poem Storm, “Science adjusts its views based on what’s observed. Faith is the denial of observation so that belief can be preserved.” As for the procreation argument (again), it is irrelevant to the issue of marriage equality, and it is a non-sequitar when discussing homosexuality.

As for your challenge [to] show you legal and secular reasons. That puts me in your home court and gives you a chance to ridicule and make a fool out of me as I’m sure you believe I deserve.

I promise you, I did not seek out a reason to ridicule Bobby. I sincerely hoped he would be able to offer a secular argument against marriage equality. I CAN ridicule him and make him a fool for his religious objections because they are irrelevant to a secular government.

Bobby went on to make a hurl a few more dull barbs against liberals, and it looks like he is preparing for the inevitable wearing of his Poor Put Upon Conservative Christian t-shirt. He tucked his tail, threw out Romans 1:18 {“The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness”), and left the discussion.


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