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How being an atheist has affected my family values. The answer may shock you!

It hasn’t. At least – in my eyes, and in my experience it hasn’t.

Maybe some members of my family look on me differently, or treat me differently. I haven’t noticed, however. I love my family as much as before. I enjoy our family gatherings and rituals (yes, even Christmas) as much as before.

I do live an un-Biblical life. I do not hate my father and mother, my wife and my son, my brothers and sister and their spouses. I adore my nieces and nephews, and love being an uncle almost as much as being a Dad.

Being an atheist does not mean not loving family.


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I'm an overweight middle aged left leaning right standing political centrist and atheist. I am a fierce supporter of the First Amendment and strongly support Jefferson's Wall. And dogs - I love dogs.
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