How Has Dog Touched You?

How Has Dog Touched You?

I am the photography volunteer coordinator for a dog & cat rescue group in North Georgia. That means that I am the guy who tries to get photographers to show up at adoption events to take pictures of the dogs and cats available for adoption. Today I was the one taking the pictures, and one of the dogs up for adoption was this beautiful all black German Shepherd mix.

A conversation started about how great the breed is, and how much I love the breed ever since Drake came into our lives. And I was reminded, yet again, how much of an impact Drake had on those who never even met him. One of the dog fosterers was telling the other how so many people on Facebook fell in love in with a dog they never met – how they followed his medical tribulations closely – and how saddened people were when he died. Strangers to Drake cried when he died. Strangers to Drake shared our grief.

One day I may understand better how a dog touched so many people. One day I may understand how strangers cared so much about a dog they never met. One day I may understand how a dog that was only in our lives for four short months left such a big hole in my heart. One day I may understand why, almost 6 months after he died, I still cry about him.

I don’t believe in God, but I do believe in Dog. And Dog has brought people together in shared sadness and joy. If there is a heaven, I am certain that Dog will be there bouncing at the gates for us. If Dog isn’t there, well it is obvious that Hell must be real, too.

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