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I bought marijuana legally

I recently took a business trip to San Francisco. California is one of the 10 states (as of April 2018) where recreational marijuana is legal. As a child of the 80s who grew up buying weed from sketchy people in sketchy parts of town, I absolutely HAD to experience buying it legally.

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You Keep Using That Word

I blame my high school AP English teacher for instilling in me an insistence for the use of proper grammar and vocabulary. Because of him I am one of those assholes that will correct a your/you’re/yore or there/their/they’re post. But this post isn’t really about that. It is about the misuse of some rather important words and phrases. Epic I…

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Caitlyn Jenner Is No Hero

Caitlyn Jenner is no hero. There. I said it. I mean it. You may now commence with the radical left liberal comments accusing me of being “transphobic” and “intolerant” and “ignorant”. You are now free to ignore the rest of this post and just start with the knee jerk invective.

war on christmas
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Here Comes the War On Christmas

It is the first day of November 2013 and I have already had two posts show up in my Facebook stream about the “war” on Christmas. Seems my Facebook friends are sharing articles about a) people and businesses saying “happy holidays” instead of “merry Christmas” and b) public school choral concerts being required to eliminate the heavy Christian overtones of…

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Dear Dragon*Con

I am – kind of by default – a sci-fi fantasy comic book movie nerd/geek. While not even close to a die-hard fanboy/girl, I love the genres and cultures that your event attracts. Creativity, artistry, and ample attractive cleavage are what makes Dragon*Con awesome.