2 model fails in less than 24 hours

2 model fails in less than 24 hours

Last minute cancellations and no-show/no-calls are, sadly, part of this dance we call “model photography” (it also happens, by the way, in pet photography, family portraits, event photography.. you get the picture).

Here’s my lament for the end of 2018.

I pretty much abandoned beauty/glamour photography in favor of working with dog rescues, some scattered paid portrait work, and magazine work because of the enormous flake factor and the “I have a lot of likes on Instagram, so pay me” attitudes. When we moved from our large house that included a nice home photo studio, to a smaller home with no studio, it didn’t bother me.

But I wanted to end 2018 on a creative note, so I found an IG model – cute, great face, creative – sent her my project list, decided on a look/concept, confirmed – three times – her continued interest, booked and paid for shooting space, bought a few pieces of wardrobe, and the night before get an email saying “I’m in the hospital with the flu”.

I posted a hail mary call for a model in a few FB groups, and got a few really good hits. I picked one – we had a for real phone conversation to discuss the details and particulars – agreed on the concept – boom. All good. Until the agreed upon time of 3pm on Sunday.

I’m at the (paid for) location – initial lighting is set up – 3pm comes and goes – 3:15 – 3:30 – I call, straight to voice mail – 3:45 – I call, straight to voice mail – 4:00 – I call one last time, straight to voice mail. At 4:30 I call it a $100 loss, pack up, head home.

Neither of the two are in this group or I would name them so effing fast.

….and people wonder why I’m so cynical


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