Dogs, Rant

No, you don’t have a service dog

I know, first hand, someone who bought an expensive mutt – sorry – “doodle” then decided to make her life easier by buying a dog vest from Amazon that said her dog is a service dog just so she can take her dog anywhere and everywhere. Let’s make this clear up front – this is a young lady with no…

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Goodbye Drake

I had to take Drake for an emergency vet visit last week to a last hope specialist. Her words to me after her exam of Drake and his extensive medical records was, “Mr. Selby, you have a very sick dog.” She said there was little to nothing they could do short of surgery, and that didn’t have a positive prognosis.


The Love Of A Big Dog

This is a follow up to an earlier post about our German Shepherd, Drake. You can read that if you aren’t up to speed, or click here to skip down if you are.

Dogs, Religion

I’ll Pray For You

As a long-time atheist the phrase “I’ll pray for you” is generally and usually a phrase I disdain. All too often religious people use that phrase the same way Southerners use “bless your heart“. It is a passive aggressive way to tell the other person that they’re hopelessly wrong about whatever theological or philosophical difference you may have.