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Northern Exposure Christmas Message

One of my favorite all time TV shows was Northern Exposure, and on that show, in one episode, came the best Christmas story and the most inclusive tidings of comfort and joy I have ever heard. It deserves to be repeated – and repeated – and repeated. Chris, the local DJ, known for his love of Whitman, is on the…

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The Bear and the Hare
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How can an atheist enjoy Christmas?

I wish I could give a dollar to the Red Cross for every time I’ve been asked this question. “But you’re an atheist. How can an atheist celebrate Christmas?” I’ve tried to come up with some deep meaningful answer that encompasses the history of Christmas – that winter celebrations of new life existed long before there was a Jesus figure…

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war on christmas
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Here Comes the War On Christmas

It is the first day of November 2013 and I have already had two posts show up in my Facebook stream about the “war” on Christmas. Seems my Facebook friends are sharing articles about a) people and businesses saying “happy holidays” instead of “merry Christmas” and b) public school choral concerts being required to eliminate the heavy Christian overtones of…

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I Love Guns and Coffee

Defending Starbucks

Let me preface this blog post with two very important facts: I really don’t care for Starbucks coffee. As a home roaster, I find their coffee roasting technique somewhere between meh and blech. I have bought, and probably will buy when pressed into it, coffee from them. But I am not a fan. I own and am permitted to carry…

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Pop Culture

Dear Dragon*Con

I am – kind of by default – a sci-fi fantasy comic book movie nerd/geek. While not even close to a die-hard fanboy/girl, I love the genres and cultures that your event attracts. Creativity, artistry, and ample attractive cleavage are what makes Dragon*Con awesome.

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Why Do Atheists Pick On Christians?

After sharing a story on Facebook about a church who kicked out a family who supported their gay daughter, I got this private message from a very good friend. I’m going to start in on you how I feel you have singled out Christianity as THE religion to bash. All religions have their bad kids Christianity is no exception. Atheism…

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