Information About BVI Vacations

Ah the power of the internet! You can find almost everything you need to know about almost everything with a simple Google search. Type in your destination, add the word “reviews” to it, and you’ll be bombarded with articles and posts about where to go, what to do, where to eat, where to stay, etc., etc. The problem is that a lot of this information is well packaged vacation sales material. It can be a challenge to find out the real where and what for BVI vacations.

One source of (mostly) unbiased information I found was the TravelTalkOnline British Virgin Islands message board. While the posts are generally sailing specific (the BVI is a sailor’s paradise), there is still really good information from people who either live on the islands part time, or vacation there a lot.

The Limin Times is geared more towards permanent living in the BVI which means it is less about selling you on the vacation and more about what is going on while you are there.

Follow, like, and subscribe to the posts from the British Virgin Islands Facebook page. Yeah, it is propaganda-heavy, but it is conversational and personal.


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