Well Fu…..

By Ed Selby

“President Trump”.  It makes my mouth taste funny to say that – like I just had a fork full of liver, boiled okra, and sea urchin all mixed together in a soup of bovine semen.

I did not vote for Clinton. I was a Johnson voter in Georgia, and my vote for Johnson did not take anything away from Clinton (more on that coming up).  But the thought of Clinton as President doesn’t repulse me as much as four years of Trump.


I have been pondering the death of the “Religious Right” for a long time. I guffawed when many who formerly decried the Mormon church as a cult quickly changed their tune to support Mitt Romney.

After they were unable to get one of the 11 candidates that more suited their world and theological views, and in a last gasp effort to not have another Clinton in office, we have them doing wild contortions to justify their support of Trump – a man who in no way, shape, or form represents the Christianity that I grew up with or the Christian friends and family that I have.


Touted as the anti-LGBT bill, GA House Bill 757 – a bill allegedly designed to protect religious freedom in Georgia (religious freedom is under attack??) – is misunderstood by its supporters and detractors. Businesses are threatening to boycott or leave the state if it passes. The NFL has said “no Superbowl in Georgia” if it passes. The hue and cry from both sides is loud and, it appears to me, missing the mark. I did something weird. I read the bill.


I am a Free Speech absolutist. The only time speech should be regulated or restricted is when the expression infringes on someone else’s rights and liberties. The old, “You can’t yell ‘Fire’ in a crowded theater”, scenario. This extends largely to any form of personal expression – be it protest, music, art, blog posts, whatever.

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