Tortola – British Virgin Islands – Preface

Ever since I married my wife, we have gone on vacation with family – usually with my son, her mother and father, her brother and his wife and their kids, and a few times with my mother and brother. In the 17 years we’ve been married, we have only been on two vacations (more than 3 days) when it was just the two us. One of those was a  2008 vacation in St. John, US Virgin Islands. It was one of the best vacations I’ve ever had. We said that the next time we are able to vacation in the Caribbean we would try the British Virgin Island. Here we are in 2014 about to do just that! Continue reading

Come To Church With Me

I don’t know about other parts of the USA, or the world, but here in the South it isn’t uncommon at all for folks to invite other folks to church. It is – usually – akin to inviting a friend over for a game of bridge.  Usually. It is a little – nay, a lot different when a Christian extends that invitation to someone they know isn’t a Christian. Continue reading

Easter Is Stupid

Reading the Bible is one of the surest ways to make a Christian an atheist. If the reader is able to dismiss the supernatural claims, she will find the Bible to be loaded with atrocities, contradictions, and just idiocy; unfortunately, so many Christians are unwilling to lock out the supernatural and accept the Bible as True to various degrees. I find it curious that a Christian can dismiss the Genesis creation or Noah’s flood as allegorical or symbolic, but they absolutely positively believe the Easter story. The ability of moderate and liberal Christians to cherry pick the Bible is blatantly evident during Easter even though they should realize that the Easter story is just stupid. Continue reading

Don't Take Me Too Seriously