A Long Reply To Bobby Herzberg

A Facebook friend and fellow photographer, Steven Stiefel, is a liberal moderate living in Alabama-stan. He has a Facebook post about marriage equality and judicial interference in his home state, and the comment thread has gone on for a long time with most of the opposing view coming from Bobby Herzberg. Instead of highjacking Steven’s page with my oh-so-long reply to Bobby’s assertions, I’ve put it all here on my own space. Continue reading A Long Reply To Bobby Herzberg

Creative Dry Dock

Jenna Cartin © Ed Selby
Jenna Cartin ©Ed Selby

During my day and week I earn a living as the manager of interactive marketing for a large carpet company. I like my job. But on my weekends, I am a photographer. At least I used to be. I have gone from three or four photo shoots a month to less than one a month. This post was written near the end of October 2014, and I have had five shoots all year.  Continue reading Creative Dry Dock

This Is Why We Are Not A Christian Nation

Many Christians operate under the assumption that America is a Christian nation, and the more to the conservative right a person leans, the more strongly that person believes it. There is a large body of the voting right that thinks the US was founded by Christians, for Christians, and based on Christian beliefs and practices. While this is partially true, it isn’t the whole truth. Continue reading This Is Why We Are Not A Christian Nation