Thought About Religious Freedom Acts and Gay Weddings

Memories Pizza in Indiana said to a reporter (possibly an ambush attack by the reporter) that they wouldn’t cater a gay wedding. The political left threatened the owners of the restaurant with violence against them and their business. In genuine fear for their lives, they closed the doors for an indefinite amount of time. Their supporters started a GoFundMe campaign that brought them $842,592. $10 of that was from me. Not that I supported their views, but because I was embarrassed by what was done to them. Continue reading Thought About Religious Freedom Acts and Gay Weddings

A Problem With Religious Freedoms

Before we go any further, know that I unequivocally, unabashedly, and without reservation support the rights of individuals to praise and worship the deity or deities of their choice. We are, as has been noted in many arguments, a nation built (at least partially) on religious freedom. Thomas Jefferson said, “The constitutional freedom of religion [is] the most inalienable and sacred of all human rights.” I agree, but – there’s always a “but” – religious freedom is, as also noted by Jefferson, a private matter between the believer and the believed. Continue reading A Problem With Religious Freedoms

A Long Reply To Bobby Herzberg

A Facebook friend and fellow photographer, Steven Stiefel, is a liberal moderate living in Alabama-stan. He has a Facebook post about marriage equality and judicial interference in his home state, and the comment thread has gone on for a long time with most of the opposing view coming from Bobby Herzberg. Instead of highjacking Steven’s page with my oh-so-long reply to Bobby’s assertions, I’ve put it all here on my own space. Continue reading A Long Reply To Bobby Herzberg

Creative Dry Dock

Jenna Cartin © Ed Selby
Jenna Cartin ©Ed Selby

During my day and week I earn a living as the manager of interactive marketing for a large carpet company. I like my job. But on my weekends, I am a photographer. At least I used to be. I have gone from three or four photo shoots a month to less than one a month. This post was written near the end of October 2014, and I have had five shoots all year.  Continue reading Creative Dry Dock