A Problem With Religious Freedoms

Before we go any further, know that I unequivocally, unabashedly, and without reservation support the rights of individuals to praise and worship the deity or deities of their choice. We are, as has been noted in many arguments, a nation built (at least partially) on religious freedom. Thomas Jefferson said, “The constitutional freedom of religion [is] the most inalienable and sacred of all human rights.” I agree, but – there’s always a “but” – religious freedom is, as also noted by Jefferson, a private matter between the believer and the believed. Continue reading A Problem With Religious Freedoms

A Long Reply To Bobby Herzberg

A Facebook friend and fellow photographer, Steven Stiefel, is a liberal moderate living in Alabama-stan. He has a Facebook post about marriage equality and judicial interference in his home state, and the comment thread has gone on for a long time with most of the opposing view coming from Bobby Herzberg. Instead of highjacking Steven’s page with my oh-so-long reply to Bobby’s assertions, I’ve put it all here on my own space. Continue reading A Long Reply To Bobby Herzberg

Creative Dry Dock

Jenna Cartin © Ed Selby
Jenna Cartin ©Ed Selby

During my day and week I earn a living as the manager of interactive marketing for a large carpet company. I like my job. But on my weekends, I am a photographer. At least I used to be. I have gone from three or four photo shoots a month to less than one a month. This post was written near the end of October 2014, and I have had five shoots all year.  Continue reading Creative Dry Dock